The Royal Canadian Legion Henderson Highway Branch #215

One of the principles on which The Royal Canadian Legion was founded is a solemn remembrance of Canadians who gave their lives so our nation might be free. Their most important responsibility is maintaining the tradition of Remembrance in Canada.

The Annual Poppy-Remembrance Campaign is an opportunity to remind Canadians of the men and women who died during military service. It is also the major public fund-raising blitz for the Legion–money raised from the poppy campaign can only be used for service, ex-service personnel and their dependents or authorized community service projects.

Monday-Tuesday 11-5pm

Wednesday - Saturday 11- 10pm hours subject to change due to covid19

Sunday 12-6pm subject to change

Due to covid hours may vary please feel free to phone ahead at 204-338-4867

Sorry for the inconvenience

Legion Hours