Henderson Highway Branch #215 – Executive

Branch Executive Officers

Title Name Phone  Alternate Phone
President Gord Machej (April) 204-832-7733 204-797-7908
1st Vice Pres Diane Tashe 204-777-5372 204-999-5757
2nd Vice Pres Beverly Stem (Tim) 204-782-3716
Chairman Ted Nimik (Sandy) 204-254-4907
Treasurer Bodo Roloff (Anne Marie) 204-269-7064 204-470-2746
Padre/Chaplin Ted Nimik (Sandy) 204-254-4907
Sgt-at-Arms Alex Mills (Lois) 204-663-1596 204-330-9440
Secretary Fiona Olsen (Chuck) 204-229-4332
Past President Nicole Napoleone (Sal) 204-299-8988

Executive Committee Members

Term Name Phone Alternate Phone
2017-2018 Claude Gagnon (Lori) 204-296-6429
2017-2018 Lionel Bjornson (Sherry)  204-237-0237 204-298-0237
2017-2018 April Machej (Gord) 204-832-7733 204-791-5862
2017-2018 Bob Morrison 204-339-6069 204-292-0534
2018-2019 Andre Camara (Daphine) 204-775-9941
2018-2019 Fred Wilson (Vera) 204-694-8353
2018-2019 Pat Wasylenchuk (Pete) 204-339-8618
2018-2019 Rick Jones (MaryAnn) 204-339-0819
2018-2019 Dave Kostiuk (Sue) 204-338-7144 204-805-5965

Ladies Auxiliary Representative

Title Name Phone  Email
LA President Lori Gagnon 204-296-6429 lorichant@gmail.com
Kitchen Convener Louella Broschuk 204-222-1757 elb@mts.net

Committee Appointments

Committee Chairman Committee Members
Public Relations/Marketing  Pat Wasylenchuk Diane Tashe, April Machej
Entertainment  Gord Machej Lionel Bjornson, Fiona Olsen, NN,(MM,JM)
Special Events  Pat Wasylenchuk FionaOlsen,AprilMachej,NN,(NicoleFanshaw)
Complaint Rev Ted Nimik Alex Mills, Gord Machej
Policy, By-laws & Resolutions Rev Ted Nimik Alex Mills, Gord Machej
House & Property Dave Kostiuk Rick Jones (Porky/AM/DK/JM/GT)
Membership Bev Stem Bob Morrison
Sick Visiting Rev Ted Nimik Al Mills, Claude Gagnon
Honours & Awards Bev Stem Al Mills, Bob Morrison
Bar & Staff Diane Tashe Dave Kostuik, Bodo Roloff
Restaurant Fred Wilson Bodo Roloff
Service Officer Al Mills  Claude Gagnon
Finance Bodo Roloff Bev Stem, April Machej, A Camara (G Turzak)
Sports  Nicole Napoleone A Camera (Brad Gosselin)
Ways & Means  Gord Machej PatWasylenchuk,(WayneDesiatnyk),JMowbray
Poppy Fund Lori Gagnon Fiona Olsen,Alex Mills,Bodo Roloff,G Machej
All of the Above CommitteesPresident – Cde Gord Machej;ex-officio member

Legion Manager & Hall Rentals

Name Phone Info
Marley Fidler 204-338-4867 barmgr215@shaw.ca
Kitchen Convener 204-222-1757 Louella Broschuk
Weekly Activities
  • Monday

Open 11:00 am

  • Tuesday

Cribbage 7:30pm

  • Wednesday

Chase the Ace 6pm-8pm
-53 Cards; Pot starts at $1107 on Oct 24th

  • Thursday

Downstairs Dances 7-11pm

  • Friday

Bud, Spud, Steak-Lee’s On DeVries
Meat Draw 6pm-8pm

  • Saturday

Afternoon Meat Draw 3pm-5pm

  • Sunday

Open Noon – 6:00 pm

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