Henderson Highway Branch #215 – Executive

Branch Executive Officers

Title Name Phone  Alternate Phone
President Gord Machej (April) 204-832-7733 204-797-7908
1st Vice Pres Beverly Stem (Tim) 204-782-3716
2nd VP/Secretary Lori Gagnon (Claude) 204-296-6429
Chairman Ted Nimik (Sandy) 204-254-4907
Treasurer Bodo Roloff (Anne Marie) 204-269-7064 204-470-2746
Padre/Chaplin Ted Nimik (Sandy) 204-254-4907
Sgt-at-Arms Alex Mills (Lois) 204-663-1596 204-330-9440
Past President Nicole Napoleone (Sal) 204-299-8988

Executive Committee Members

Term Name Phone Alternate Phone
2017-2018 Claude Gagnon (Lori) 204-296-6429
2017-2018 Lionel Bjornson (Sherry)  204-237-0237 204-298-0237
2017-2018 April Machej (Gord) 204-832-7733 204-791-5862
2017-2018 Diane Tashe 204-777-5372 204-999-5757
2017-2018 Bob Morrison 204-339-6069 204-292-0534
2016-2017 Fred Wilson (Vera) 204-694-8353
2016-2017 Elmer Broschuk (Louella) 204-222-1757
2016-2017 Bob Neault  204-654-9349 204-233-6059
2016-2017 Andre Camara (Daphine) 204-775-9941

Ladies Auxiliary Representative

Title Name Phone  Email
LA President Lori Gagnon 204-296-6429 lorichant@gmail.com
Kitchen Convener Louella Broschuk 204-222-1757 elb@mts.net
Co-Kitchen Convener Vera Margerison 204-663-4253 veraim@mymts.net

Committee Appointments

Committee Chairman Co-Chairman
Public Relations Lori Gagnon April Machej, Nicole Fanshaw
Entertainment Gord Machej M McGrath, L Bjornson, N Napoleone
Special Events Lori Gagnon April Machej, Nicole Fanshaw et all
Complaint Rev Ted Nimik Alex Mills, Lori Gagnon
Policy, By-laws & Resolutions Rev Ted Nimik Lori Gagnon, Executive Committee
House & Property Claude Gagnon Bob Morrison, Bob Neault et all
Membership Bev Stem Enid Hartwig
Sick Visiting Rev. Ted Nimik Al Mills, Claude Gagnon
Honours & Awards Bev Stem Al Mills
Bar & Staff Diane Tashe Bob Neault, Bodo Roloff
Restaurant Fred Wilson Lori Gagnon, Grant Turzak, Bodo Roloff
Service Officer Al Mills Rev Ted Nimik, Claude Gagnon, Fred Wilson
Finance Bodo Roloff Grant Turzak, Andre Camara, Lori Gagnon
Sports Nicole Napoleone (Brad Gosselin) (Sal Napoleone)
Ways & Means Gord Machej Wayne Desiatnyk, April Machej
Poppy Fund Lois Mills 204-663-1596 -or- alexloismills@shaw.ca
All of the Above CommitteesPresident – Cde Gord Machej;ex-officio member

Bar Manager & Hall Rentals

Name Phone Info
 Legion 204-338-4867 barmgr215@shaw.ca
Kitchen Convener 204-222-1757 Louella Broschuk
Co-Kitchen Convener 204-663-4253 Vera Margerison
Weekly Activities
  • Monday

Open 11:00 am

  • Tuesday

Cribbage 7:30pm

  • Wednesday

Chase the Ace 6pm-8pm
-39Cards; Pot starts at $2700 on December 13th

  • Thursday

Downstairs Dances 7pm-11pm(none January)

  • Friday

Bud, Spud, Steak-Lee’s On DeVries
Meat Draw 5pm-7pm

  • Saturday

Afternoon Meat Draw 3pm-5pm

  • Sunday

Now Open 12:00-6:00
Cocktail Specials

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