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The Royal Canadian Legion Henderson Highway Branch #215


Henderson Highway Legion Branch #215One of the principles on which The Royal Canadian Legion was founded is a solemn remembrance of Canadians who gave their lives so our nation might be free. Their most important responsibility is maintaining the tradition of Remembrance in Canada.

The Annual Poppy-Remembrance Campaign is an opportunity to remind Canadians of the men and women who died during military service. It is also the major public fund-raising blitz for the Legion–money raised from the poppy campaign can only be used for ex-service personnel and their dependents or community service projects.


Membership: Everyone is welcome; no military affiliation is required. Anyone can become a fraternal member without being a veteran. Come on by see the activities and feel the fun. Becoming a member is easy. Fill out a form or call any of the contact people listed below for more information. Initiation is your 1st step in joining your Legion Family.

Programs/Weekly Activities

youthThe Legion promotes community sports, the Peace Gardens program, and provides local high school scholarships. There are regularly scheduled programs throughout the week, as well as special events held thru out the year. If you are interested in attending, volunteering, or suggesting a new event; please contact the legion for a committee chairman to work with.

Branch #215 General Membership Meetings

General Meetings are held every 3 months to keep the membership informed.
(March, June, September and December)

General Membership Meeting Information

Branch #215 Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Meetings are held every month to conduct regular business.

Executive Committee Meeting Information

Branch #215 Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary Meetings are held every month (except July & August).
Membership is open to all ladies for $15 a year, no legion affiliation required.

Ladies Auxiliary Important Dates


Weekly Activities
  • Monday

50% off Legion Prepared Food-Dine in Only; Spec

  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday

Chase the Ace
-31 Cards; Pot starts at $3792 on May 3rd

  • Thursday

Downstairs Dances

  • Friday

Bud, Spud and; Steak and Meat Draw

  • Saturday

Afternoon Meat Draw


1:00-6:00, 50% off Legion Prepared Food-Dine in Only, VLT's, Other Specials, and Sports on the Big Screens

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